Our Magazines

Canal Panda has excelled in the children's television sector and Panda magazine carries this trend over to the magazine field. Panda magazine has an important educational side, and is developed with teachers and educators, carefully combining the concepts of PLAYING and LEARNING.



Based on Enid Blyton's emblematic character and the fantastical world of Toyland, Noddy magazine comes out every month with entertaining stories, games, fun activities and many other surprises, giving children the chance to learn while having fun.



The official Ruca magazine, based on the popular cartoon series, offers preschool children activities that promote their fine motor skills and other contents that help develop their playability, memory and observation skills.



The Barbie magazine has the most stylish pages on the planet! In each issue young readers can travel through Barbie's world and get to know her tastes. The magazine is full of fashion challenges, glossy stories and games for children who love fashion.


This magical magazine is based on the cartoon series Winx Club and is full of appealing sections, thought up especially for the fans of the series. Since it includes cartoons, a secret club, many games and other surprises, Winx magazine is a must read for children who love magic.

Winx Club

An essencial magazine for every children that want to become an expert playing Minecraft. With secrets, tips, tricks and a new surprise in each edition!



You are a Princess

You are a princess is an ideal magazine for all the girls who always dreamed becoming true princesses. Each edition addresses a different theme and little girls will be able to choose between two gifts: a dress or a princess accessory. You are a princess is a magazine that all girls will love to read, with manicure tips, makeup tutorials, games and tests.



The official magazine of the Feromonas has an original format in GIANT SIZE, and it includes games, mad drawings, the best tips and the tricks for MINECRAFT and so much more! A real phenomenon of popularity among children between 7 and 10 years old, with almost 3 million of followers on YouTube.