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Zero a Oito also operates in the area of promotions, developing mainly publishing projects for customers from different business areas. Newspapers, banks and consumer companies are some of our partners in the creation of projects that generate great public acknowledgment.

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Our Work

Custom Publishing

We develop customised editorial projects for our clients, like books, magazines and other content relevant to their target audience. On top of all developed content, we also work on all graphical and visual part content, such as illustrations and website design.


We coordinate and manage several brands, promoting their licensing, in which we develop partnerships with companies in different business areas. We follow all projects, always taking into account their success and publicity.


We develop tailored events for each client with their goals in mind, in order to strengthen the emotional bond with the target requested. We offer turn-key solutions, from conception to implementation.


We create and manage contests mostly directed at schools and the children that attend them. Among the various goals of these initiatives, we highlight the encouragement of creativity, the discovery of teamwork and development of the love for reading and writing.



We design and develop mascots for various companies, with the goal of creating and strengthening the relationship between the brand and its target. We imagine the characters from their conception and context, to the graphical design and expression in the various supports and points of contact. We have developed mascot costumes for events and other campaigns.


We develop campaigns with different dimensions and products for different audiences and companies. From conception to point of sale, we conceive these projects from A to Z, helping brands to strengthen their relationship with consumers.

Our Clients

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